Botswana is a fabulous destination with a variety of environments. I did a safari there a number of years ago and we visited 3 different camps, each with a slightly different offering. One was very dry and good for elephants, giraffe, wildebeest, lions, hyenas, baboons and bird life. We did drives in a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Another was very wet and we went out in mokoros (hand made dug-out “canoes”) or motor boats. On this you would see hippos, crocodiles and water based birds. The third camp was a blend of the two. We did a drive in the morning and a boat ride in the afternoon. With Botswana’s proximity to Victoria Falls that sits on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, you can (and definitely should) add that into your itinerary.

Alternatively you could do the mixed camp in Botswana, visit the falls and then head to the skeleton coast in Namibia, famous for the largest sand-dunes in the world and meerkats. There are also a number of other sites to see in Namibia, including the Germanic beach resort town of Swakopmund with its’ German Colonial Architecture.

Another popular safari vacation is following the Migration. This is mostly herd animals like wildebeest. These animals follow the rain as it moves in a circle in an area of Kenya and Tanzania. The rain provides water and helps plant-life grow, that in-turn feeds the herd animals. Of course, herd animals are feed for cats and hyena, so they are following as well. The herd does not follow an annual calendar so there is a bit of guesswork trying to determine exactly where they may be at a given date. It follows weather patterns that can vary from year to year. As such we recommend that you stay at a couple of different camps. From there you can cover a fair distance in safari vehicles and have a greater chance of seeing more wildlife. Of course, this is also dictated by the clients budget and time. If you have time and money you can add on an extension to Uganda to see the Gorillas for a completely different experience.
If you want to add a more active component to your trip consider hiking with the Gorillas, climbing Kilimanjaro or participating in the annual cycling event in Cape Town.


Questions to ask yourself include:


1) Do you want to travel as part of a pre-existing group or are you travelling with your partner&/or family privately?

2) Do you want a more active type of trip or more relaxed/laid back with fewer geographic moves?

3) How much time can you take for your trip? You need a minimum of 2 weeks and I would recommend at least 3 weeks.

4) What is your budget?

At ADVENTOURUS, we work with a number of quality suppliers and can find or design a trip to Africa that is perfect for you. Also, I was born in Zimbabwe, lived in Namibia and been back to visit on a number of occassions. I’ve been to Botswana on safari and seen Victoria Falls as well.