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We arrived at the train station in Riccione, where we were picked up by staff of The Belvedere Hotel. After a welcome glass of Prosecco on the patio near the sparkling blue pool, we joined the cyclists who had come in from a hard days ride, for the daily afternoon buffet of grilled vegetables, seafood […]

Botswana is a fabulous destination with a variety of environments. I did a safari there a number of years ago and we visited 3 different camps, each with a slightly different offering. One was very dry and good for elephants, giraffe, wildebeest, lions, hyenas, baboons and bird life. We did drives in a 4-wheel drive […]

Many people wonder if it is worth using a travel agent in the days of budget internet booking sites. Why not just book trips independently? Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of booking for yourself versus booking through a reputable agent.   DISADVANTAGES – Can’t always compete with some online prices – […]

– By Susie Donald The prospect of traversing thousands of miles of breathtaking landscape is one which appeals to every adventurer, whether it is kayaking down the furious rapids of a canyon or cycling through the picturesque wilderness of an island paradise. Grabbing your favourite pair of hiking boots, perusing treasured maps and gathering your […]