Join us for an ADVENTOUR like no other. We will visit interesting destinations around the world and completely immerse ourselves in their culture. Whether you travel on your own or as part of one of our groups you will experience the culture in the food you eat, speaking with locals, the casual accommodations typical to the region and the extra activities you participate in.

ADVENTOURUS is a unique Travel Organization which specializes in ski trips and bicycle tours but offers many other active adventure vacations including hiking tours, kayak trips, canoe trips, yoga trips, winery tours, whitewater rafting trips, multi-sport trips and so many more adventures! Book your next active adventure vacation with ADVENTOURUS today; your one-stop travel agent.




Innovative, Cultural and Casual Vacations!

Live your dreams while learning to scuba dive in Costa Rica, mountain biking on a volcano in Sicily, skiing on a glacier under the imposing peak of the Matterhorn followed by a traditional fondue around a cozy fireplace. Perhaps challenge yourself by back country skiing to a secluded lodge in the Selkirks of B.C. We can also help you arrange a softer ADVENTOUR like staying at a resort in the Dominican Republic where your adventure is venturing into the ocean to snorkel briefly and then recuperate on the beach. Maybe hiking in Northern England followed by a pint of Ale is more your style? We can also arrange a multi-sport vacation Let us fulfill your fantasies.

ADVENTOURUS will provide a stress free vacation where someone else has thought of all your needs and made the appropriate arrangements so you can relax from the start. We pride ourselves on:

* attention to small details

* coordination of great experiences

* superb customer service

* guaranteed satisfaction


Customized Trips

We can customize trips if you have something in mind which you don’t see on the web site; or perhaps blend your visions with ours. Contact us today to share your dream trip ideas.

Our goal is to make your ADVENTOUR an innovative, culturally-rich, casual adventure, which reflects the local way of life while minimizing the effects of our immersion. We know that each moment of your limited vacation time is precious, so relax and let us take care of all the details. You’ll spend all your time savouring your active, exciting, educational experience.

ADVENTOURUS will provide a stress free vacation where someone else has thought of all your needs and made the appropriate arrangements so you can relax from the start.

We pride ourselves on:

* attention to small details
* coordination of great experiences
* superb customer service
* guaranteed satisfaction



 A story about passion


ADVENTOURUS was founded by Jacqui Snyder, an avid sports-person, trained Chef (George Brown College graduate; trained in Switzerland and England), foodie, people-person and traveler. Jacqui holds a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management and worked for many years in the Hospitality and Tourism industry to earn enough money to do the things she loves: travel, ski, cycle and meet new people. Jacqui also worked as an Event Manager, where she coordinated all the minutiae of running creative, elaborate corporate and private events, including selecting themes, entertainment, décor, menus and venues. Jacqui has successfully obtained certification on the TICO Education Standards Combined Travel Counsellor and Supervisor/Manager Exam, which means she has the knowledge to ask the appropriate questions and ensure the details of your trip are properly organized. This is required by the Travel Industry Act 2002. Ensure any representative you deal with has this certification.

ADVENTOURUS has amalgamated with The Vacation Station. Providing travelers with expertise since 1976, their team of professional travel counselors have traveled through over 100 countries, in all continents, and have the experience and skill necessary to give you a quality vacation. We are licensed as  Retailer as well as a Wholesaler and offer travel products unique to our company at great value and highly competitive prices!

Your trips can be as unique as you would like them to be. Having said that, we can also be your one-stop-shop for all your basic travel needs. Being members of TICO, you can rest assured that your funds are completely protected against supplier bankruptcies.

Prior to founding ADVENTOURUS, Jacqui managed many sell-out bicycle and ski trips with delighted evaluations. She also traveled extensively with groups, friends, and as a solo traveler. Her destinations include South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Belize, Europe, the Caribbean and much of North America. She is a certified ski and cycle instructor.

On a trip to Las Leñas, Argentina, Jacqui was inspired by a woman who turned her dreams into reality by starting her own ski company.

Jacqui decided to bring her passions to life as well. Come and share the passion and excitement as we visit diverse places, truly immerse ourselves in other cultures and have an absolutely unique experience that will change your perspective on the world. Come share the dream!




 Travel Tips


Travel insurance should top every traveler’s list. Don’t leave home without it! Medical insurance for any out-of-Canada trip is important (yes, even for a long weekend across the border). Accidents can happen to even the fittest individuals. Too many horror stories exist of families who forgot to buy it, or “didn’t think it mattered this time”. Don’t be a victim!


It’s a small outlay for peace of mind, and a worry-free vacation. And while you’re at it, buy trip cancellation insurance, too.
Renew any medical prescriptions you may need before you go. It’s not always easy to get them filled when you’re away.


Cancel your newspapers.
Leave your itinerary with a neighbor, friend, or relative (or all three) in case of emergency. In this age of increased security, immigration departments around the world are tightening up on passport control. Make sure you passport is valid for at least six months after your date of travel. (Renew it early, if it expires before that date.) Remember, it’s not the responsibility of the Passport Office to send renewal reminders… it is our responsibility to check the dates before we leave. The wise traveler carries a passport each time he/she leaves Canada. Yes, even to the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean.
Notify Canada Post that you’ll be away.
Buy some foreign currency for you destination. Even if you’re relying on travelers cheques or bank cards, it’s useful to have at least a small amount of cash on hand.
Try not to keep your credit cards, cash, traveler’s cheques, passport, and other identification in the same place. That way, if your wallet is lost or stolen, you won’t be left without I.D. or money. Take advantage of your hotel’s safety deposit box for valuables. Make two copies of all important documents and traveller’s cheque numbers before you leave home, and leave one copy with someone you can contact in an emergency.