• A huge thank you for taking the time and effort to initiate and lead us through such a great trip. Quite the let down today to wake up to laundry and tidying and paying bills instead of heading out over beautiful countryside with a fun group of people. You are always so upbeat and gentle. It is a treat to travel with you.

  • “You can expect a trip that is loads fun, adventurous and action-packed!”

  • “Trips run by Jacqui Snyder are known for being well-organized and having superb meals. She loves to share her passion for sports and good food. At all times Jacqui is dependable and reliable.”

  • “Hi Jacqui, thank you so much for a wonderful trip. All your efforts are very much appreciated. Truly a Super Woman. I still can’t get over the value of the trip with all the great meals including the worderful Wine and Cheese and the excellent Saturday night meal. The conditions were phenomenal and it was also a lot of fun doing some dancing on Saturday night. It really was a great way to end my skiing season this year and I thank you for that.”

  • “I attended an Alpine and Snowboard event organized by Jacqui and had an action packed weekend. Great snow in the Eastern Townships. Fun bunch of people, fine dining and dancing on the Saturday evening. Great value.”



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